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Let It Out
Does anyone still read this?   

I've been away for a couple of months.  Mostly, I haven't felt like I have much to write about.  It's not that a lot things haven't happened: I'm quitting grad school for good, I got a full time job as a behavioral health technician that I will start on December 10th and I am now dating a third person, my (boy)friend Anders. Nick came and went, she is now back in Sacramento with her folks, probably until 2013.  

Overall, I feel I am in a better place mentally, emotionally, romantically, professionally and spiritually than last year at this time. I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds and to fill this space yet again with something other than silence: being away from grad school actually helps with that.

I'll update with more details on what's going on with me soon, but for now, hope you are all well.

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Hi! Glad things are improving by you!

I know we talked fairly recently on Skype when Nick was there, but I'm glad things are going well for you! I tend to lurk and not comment, but I do read your entries.

If you keep updating, I'll keep reading. Glad that we got to chat for a bit the other day. I hope things keep improving, hon!

Glad to hear you're still rocking around :-)

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