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Sometimes all you need is love
I am still around, but holy shit is has been two very difficult weeks.

I still love my job, but half the time I want to bitchslap the people that work for CPS and the other half of the time I want to bitchslap the people I try to help.  Good lord, they do stupid shit sometimes.  But I guess if people didn't fuck up, I'd be out of a job.

My car got hit last week-some bitch started pulling out rapidly without looking after I was halfway out and caused 2500 worth of damages to my car.  Of course, the fucking bitch is trying to pin it on me because god forbid it was the white bitch being a reckless driver.

Other than that, stuff has just been a bit rough in general.  Lots of work, had to deal with SSRI withdrawal, some relationship stuff and isolation/con depression.  To top it off, Nicole is leaving tomorrow.  I am already bracing for how much that is gonna suck.

Today I just took a day to say fuck it and make myself happier.  Nicole cut my hair and helped me get some measurements for my partial suit.  She told me she is considering becoming a teacher and getting her certification here in Tucson.  I am very hopeful for this news and very thankful of how she works to make me feel better.

I need to go to more cons.  Anyone hitting up any cons this year?  I wanna hang out with folks.  


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